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The first eight members of the Citizens Redistricting Commission have proposed a slate of the final six members of the Commission. 


For an interesting analysis of the November 2, 2010 Statewide Election results, read the Public Policy Institute of California's "Post Election Survey: Marijuana, Climate Change, Budget Reform Captured Voters' Attention". 


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The California State Auditor, Elaine M. Howle, held a landmark public drawing to select the names of the first eight commissioners to serve on California’s first Citizens Redistricting Commission (Commission). As required by the Voters First Act, the State Auditor randomly selected three applicants from a sub pool of registered Democrats, three applicants from a sub pool of registered Republicans, and two from a sub pool of applicants who are either Decline-to-State or belong to another party. 



On November 12, 2010, the Secretary of State and the Chief Clerk of the California State Assembly jointly submitted the names of the remaining applicants—12 Democrats, 12 Republicans, and 12 not affiliated with either of those two parties—for the Commission after the legislative leaders each exercised strikes of applicants. To learn more about the selection process, go to We Draw the Lines.


The Public Policy Institute of Californi's "Just the Facts: Californians' News and Information Sources" examines where California voters got their election information for the November General Election. The internet continures to gain on TV as a primary news source.


Voters expanded the role of the Citizens Redistricting Commission to include drawing congressional boundaries with the passage of Proposition 20 .

Proposition 20 removes the responsibility of drawing congressional district boundaries from the legislature. California’s first independent Citizens Redistricting Commission will now draw the political boundaries for California’s congressional , state Assembly, Senate and Board of Equalization districts. 



Public Statement
October 21, 2010


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October 21, 2010                                                                                                                                                                                  


November 2, 2010 General Election


The winners of the "Why Vote?" video contest are:

1st Place:  "Did Ya Even Vote?" by Darryl Cobbs, Amanda Davis, Aaron Gray, John
  Marshall, Sheila Miller, Mark Retuya, Edgar Zachula, from Mt. San Jacinto College
Instructors: Jerome Billins and Tom Merritt

2nd Place:  "Don't Be Lazy" by Edgar Alvarado from Cerritos Community
Instructor: Steven Hirohama

Public Statement
October 8, 2010

 Interviews with California Candidates Can Help Voters Decide

Sacramento, Calif.—Voters across California now have an opportunity to learn more about the candidates whose names will appear on the November 2 ballot. Interviews of candidates for most major elected offices in the state are now being aired on The California Channel and online at