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Public Statement
October 1, 2009

Good afternoon. My name is Lola Acosta, President of the League of Women Voters of Sacramento County. Today, I am representing the League of Women Voters of California in support of Assembly Bill 30, allowing 17 year olds to preregister to vote.

With impending candidate races and ballot issues focused on repairing California’s fiscal and governance condition, decisions will be made by a largely senior electorate, impacting policies for years to come. Meanwhile, almost half of California's eligible voters in the critical 18-24 age bracket are not even registered to vote.

Public Statement
July 15, 2009

Dear Chairman Parsky and Commission Members:

The League of Women Voters of California, including 65 local Leagues, has a long-established position on state and local finances that calls for revenues that are both sufficient and flexible enough to meet changing needs for state and local government services, and a system of public finance that emphasizes equity and fair sharing of the tax burden, including ability to pay. This position was first adopted in 1969 and has been updated with membership review and agreement five times since then.

Public Statement
February 10, 2009

Dear Senator Steinberg:

As you seek a solution to California's budget crisis, the League of Women Voters of California strongly urges you not to propose a "hard spending cap" to the voters. Imposing such a limit on future state budgets would do nothing to solve the current situation, but it would mean that future budgets could not repair the damage now being done to needed state services, let alone meet future needs.