Sea Level Rise


The Issue

A sea level rise of three feet is very probable by 2100 (2m +/- 1m) and possible by 2050. This will significantly affect areas of Los Angeles, San Diego, the Bay Area, Humboldt County, and other low-lying coastal areas. Major transportation routes (roadways, rail, airports) will be affected as will inhabited, agricultural, and wildlife areas. Sea level rise is inevitable at this point, but the extent can be mitigated by reducing emissions.

What We Can Do

Education on sea level rise, action to limit zoning in impacted areas, renewal of wetlands, participation in regional transportation planning, and work on sustainable and resilient cities will all help.

Figure shows projected sea level rise of two meters in California's San Francisco Bay Area. Image from NOAA Sea Level Rise Viewer.

Who's Working On It

Two key areas of work are impacts on coastal communities and modifying zoning restrictions in areas threatened by flooding. The latter is a key effort led by the LWV-Marin County with local, county and state officials. There is also much work on education around sea level rise where Leagues have hosted events, presentations, and/or coordinated with other groups. Leagues active or interested in sea-level rise are Leagues from Marin County, Palo Alto, Berkeley-Albany-Emeryville, North and Central San Mateo County, Marin County, Humboldt County, and Long Beach Area.