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Take the pledge: Vote No on Prop 66

Pledge to vote NO on 66 on November 8. We can't increase the risk of executing innocent people in California!

Action Alert
SB1107, big money, Governor Borwn, politics, California
When this action alert is active: 
September 23, 2016 to September 30, 2016


Governor Brown has signed SB 1107! Thanks to everyone who took action to allow citizen-funded elections in California.


Please urge Governor Brown to sign SB 1107 to help increase voter participation, restore public trust, and strengthen our representative democracy.


Based on our positions, we review bills before the California State Legislature and take action in support of or opposition to certain measures.

How the LWVC Takes Action

Taking action is always based on current program positions and League Principles. Positions are developed based on member study and consensus. We have many positions, and many opportunities to act, so how do we determine when to take action on state legislation and statewide ballot measures?