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sb 54, california values act, eric holder, league of women voters of california, immigration

Over 10 million immigrants live, work, and pay taxes in California. They are our family, our friends, and our coworkers.

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make it fair, prop 13 reform, league of women voters of california, advocacy, grassroots, courage campaign, petition

$9 billion dollars in corporate tax giveaways that could instead be used to build a better California! Corporations take advantage of loopholes in Prop 13 to offset costs onto homeowners!

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campaign finance, local elections, AB 1089, election spending
Are you disgusted by the influence of big money in politics? Did you know that in most California local elections, there are no limits on the size of campaign contributions to candidates?
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Immigration, deportation, california, SB 54, California Values Act, League of Women Voters

VICTORY! The California Values Act, was approved by the Senate on a party-line vote! It now heads to the Assembly! Thank you to our many supporters for standing with the League in support of landmark protections for immigrant families in California.

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American Health Care Act UnAmerican, congress, healthcare, league of women voters, advocacy, california

Legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was introduced in the House of Representatives. Tell your Representative that this new plan is unacceptable!

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Order your Vote with the League bumper stickers!

Are you ready for election day? Here are a few last minute tips:

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vote yes on Prop 55, kids first, vote with the League, voting, CAelections, CAlifornia

Your YES vote on four key propositions will better the lives of California’s kids: 51, 55, 57, and 58!

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plastics bags, no on prop65 , yes on prop 67, pollution, climate change, voting, ballot endorsements, League of Women Voters, California,
Here is the truth: single-use plastic bags are a disaster. And now, in addition to wreaking havoc on our environment, they are also complicating the lives of California voters.
Action Alert
Take the pledge: Vote No on Prop 66

Pledge to vote NO on 66 on November 8. We can't increase the risk of executing innocent people in California!