Action Alerts


Action Alert
Restore the VRA, voting rights, CAlifornia, League of women voters

Tell your lawmakers it’s time for Congress to restore the Voting Rights Act!

Action Alert
Schools and communities first petition drive

Pledge to vote yes and reclaim $11 billion for schools and communities

Action Alert
fair maps, AB849, redistricting, gerrymandering, California

Make local redistricting fair and transparent. Yes on AB 849!

Action Alert
Pass the Peoples Maps Act for fair districts, redistricing, gerrymandering, SB139, LWV

Pass The People's Maps Acts and stop gerrymandering abuse!

Action Alert
Take action and expand same day voter reg locations, cavotes, voting, elections, California

Act now and urge your Senator to vote YES on SB 72 to expand Election Day Registration

Action Alert
SB100, auqa mechanical, California, climate change, advocacy, LWVC

Tell your Assembly Member to vote YES on SB 100 - the California Renewable Portfolio Standard Program.