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Action Alert
Tell Gov Brown to sign ab 249 the disclose act

The swift action of League supporters like you helped put the California Disclose Act on the governor’s desk. Now we need your help one more time to expose the big money funding campaign ads.

Action Alert
Yes on AB 249, the California Disclose Act

The influence of big money in our elections is eroding our democracy. When facing a barrage of manipulative and often dishonest campaign ads, shouldn’t you be able to see who is paying for them? We need your help to make sure big money interests can’t hide their influence in our elections. Tell your legislators that transparency matters and urge them to vote YES on the California Disclose Act, AB 249.

Action Alert
Stand with California's community college students! Tell your Senator YES on AB 705

Community colleges are a crucial gateway to higher paying jobs, but too many California students face an unnecessary roadblock to academic and career success.

Action Alert
"While homelessness is not just a housing problem, it is always a housing problem."

The housing crisis is crushing California communities, driving families into homelessness and forcing them to choose between housing, food, and medical care. Today over 1.7 million families are paying over half of their incomes for housing. Nobody should go broke or hungry just to keep a roof over their head. Your Assembly Member is preparing to vote on an important housing package that will begin tackling this crisis. Please take a minute to urge your lawmakers to support affordable housing and vote YES on SB 2 and SB 3.

Action Alert
Tell your Assembly Member: Yes on SB 10

UPDATE: On August 25, Governor Brown announced that negotiations on bail reform would continue throughout the fall, postponing passage of SB 10 until next year. He will be working on the legislation with Asm. Rob Bonta, Sen. Robert Hertzberg and Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye. Watch for further action!

46,000 Californians are sitting in county jail right now simply because they cannot make bail. While wealthy defendants can easily secure their own release, poor defendants cannot. SB 10 seeks to fix this broken bail system that penalizes the poor and does little to protect the public. Tell your Assembly Member to fix our broken bail system and vote YES on SB 10!

Action Alert
sb 54, california values act, eric holder, league of women voters of california, immigration

Over 10 million immigrants live, work, and pay taxes in California. They are our family, our friends, and our coworkers.

Action Alert
make it fair, prop 13 reform, league of women voters of california, advocacy, grassroots, courage campaign, petition

$9 billion dollars in corporate tax giveaways that could instead be used to build a better California! Corporations take advantage of loopholes in Prop 13 to offset costs onto homeowners!

Action Alert
campaign finance, local elections, AB 1089, election spending
Are you disgusted by the influence of big money in politics? Did you know that in most California local elections, there are no limits on the size of campaign contributions to candidates?
Action Alert
Immigration, deportation, california, SB 54, California Values Act, League of Women Voters

VICTORY! The California Values Act, was approved by the Senate on a party-line vote! It now heads to the Assembly! Thank you to our many supporters for standing with the League in support of landmark protections for immigrant families in California.