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Watch our Webinar: Legalizing Housing Abundance in California

Legalizing Housing Abundance in California (Nolan Gray, Research Director at CA YIMBY) (Teri Mufic Neustaedter, LWVC Housing & Homelessness INterest Group Chair)

In recent years, the League of Women Voters of California (LWVC) has supported several important bills designed to increase housing production and expand equitable access. Learn more about solutions to the housing crisis in California with Nolan Gray (CA YIMBY) and Teri Mufic Neustaedster (LWVC) as we discuss policies to increase housing supply and production.

During the webinar, Gray and Neustaedster engaged in a thought-provoking discussion about various policies that were implemented or proposed to address the housing crisis in California. They delve into the details of specific bills and initiatives, such as Senate Bill 827 and Assembly Bill 2011, which aim to streamline the approval process for housing developments and incentivize the construction of affordable housing units.

The webinar also explores the broader context of the housing crisis, including the role of land use regulations, zoning laws, and NIMBYism (Not In My Backyard) attitudes in exacerbating the shortage of housing. Gray and Neustaedster provide insights into the challenges housing advocates face and offer potential solutions to overcome these obstacles.

Overall, the webinar serves as an informative and engaging platform for participants to learn more about the complex issues surrounding the housing crisis in California and the policy solutions that are being considered to address it. It highlights the LWVC’s commitment to advocating for policies that promote housing affordability, equity, and sustainability in the state.