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Our Water Committee monitors and recommends action on issues concerning water in our state. The committee is always interested in learning about major water initiatives going forward around the state. 

Recent Activities

Understanding Local Potential for Securing Water Resilience: Toolkits for Evaluating Integrated Watershed Management Opportunities

Communities have many opportunities to greatly enhance water resilience at the local and watershed scale through local actions to improve water efficiency, stormwater capture, and development of recycled water and groundwater projects. Which combination of actions are the best investments and why, especially given every community has a different array of opportunities? This webinar will examine tools that support communities in evaluating integrated, multi-benefit, and equity-based water management opportunities for water and climate resilience.

Rebuilding Water Resilience from the Bottom Up

California’s water agencies struggle to maintain cost-effective, reliable, and affordable service as climate whiplash and other pressures disrupt water availability and demand. Newsha Ajami discusses the opportunities to rebuild water resilience from the bottom up and the challenges water agencies must address.

How to move water from the Mississippi River to California, the low-energy way

Issues that we follow

San Francisco Bay-Delta Estuary

  • Water Quality, including the Bay-Delta Plan and Voluntary Agreements
  • Delta Conveyance

Groundwater, including the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA)

California Water Commission

Colorado River Issues

Water Conservation

Climate Change, Water, and Equity:

NEW! Water Issues Discussion with Dr. Susana De Anda

  • Dr. Susana De Anda from the Community Water Center met with the Water Interest Group to discuss how to ensure the human right to water for all in California. Watch the recording.
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