California Water Resources

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California Water Issues

Our Water Committee monitors and recommends action on issues concerning water in our state. The committee is always interested in learning about major water initiatives going forward around the state. Contact us for more info: water @

California's Water and Our League

The Water Committee is sharing a series of articles written for lay folks describing the enormously complex California water system. Check it out here.

What is the League doing on water issues?

• The Water Desalination Checklist

• Water Based Budget Rate Structure

Water rate structures that are based on individualized water allocations using water efficiency standards have proven effective in setting water rates that users find equitable and water providers find financially feasible.  As cities around California work on Urban Water Management Plans, which are due in July 2021, it is useful for League members to be familiar with this kind of rate structure. 

In October 2020, Martha Davis, former Assistant General Manager/Executive Manager of Policy Development for the Inland Empire Utilities Agency, and also former Executive Director for the Mono Lake Committee, made a presentation on this kind of rate structure to the LWVC Water Committee.  The presentation, “Water Rates in the Age of Efficiency & Equity,” is available on the LWVC YouTube channel

Where does your water come from (maps)?


What you can do: