Electoral Process

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Why it matters

The electoral processes that we use shape the political system in which we live. The way votes are cast profoundly impacts whether or not the candidates who are elected, and the resulting government, faithfully represent the will of the voters.  We advocate at the state and local level  to promote representative outcomes through majority-win election methods, and for election procedures that encourage voter turnout - especially among underrepresented communities.

What we’re doing

The League’s work in this area ranges from supporting the national popular vote over the electoral college, to championing election systems that reduce the “spoiler” effect, promote majority over plurality winning, and foster representative outcomes. Our electoral process position is applicable to all policy-making bodies, including legislatures, councils, commissions, and boards. For example, we supported SB 212 in 2019, which would have given every local government the option to use new voting methods, like ranked-choice, to ensure more inclusive majority-winner elections. Unfortunately, Governor Newsom vetoed the legislation, expressing concerns about voter confusion.

Want to learn more?

Find out more about our current legislative work listed in our Bill Status Report.

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