Money in Politics

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Why it matters

Elections, and our political system overall, should prioritize ordinary voters, not big money, special interests. Representative democracy is damaged when there are secret donors, SuperPACs, and an emphasis on raising large amounts of campaign cash. Our campaign finance system should maximize people’s participation in the political process, promote transparency about the sources of money, combat corruption, and level the playing field so the competition is more equitable.

What we’re doing

We continue to monitor the implementation of the Cal-Access replacement system (CARS) for online disclosure system. We support realistic limits on contributions by individuals and groups to candidates. We continue to support legislation requiring campaign finance transparency. We will continue to work for state legislation to establish default limits on the size of campaign contributions to local candidates, and Leagues can push their cities, counties, and districts that do not have contribution limits to establish limits appropriate to their communities.

Want to learn more?

Find out more about our current legislative work listed in our Bill Status Report.

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