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Protect and Retain the Majority Vote

Urgent Action Needed: Support ACA 13 Voting Thresholds

ACA 13 (Ward) would require ballot measures proposing to increase the number of votes needed to pass a measure, to also pass by the same increased number. ACA 13 would also preserve the right of local governments to place advisory questions asking voters their opinions on the ballot.

Under current law, a simple majority may pass a measure to require a supermajority of voter approval for future action, even without the corresponding level of support. This framework has given disproportionate power to a small number of voters. Little more than one-third of voters can prevent laws on which a majority of voters agree.

The League of Women Voters has a long-held position that an initiative or constitutional amendment imposing a new requirement for the passage of future measures should meet the same vote requirement. This protection is a critical bulwark against a growing national trend by regressive forces to restrict direct democracy and defeat the will of the people. Such moves are clearly intended to consolidate power in the few and strongly akin to voter suppression. 

Please read our support letter and the fact sheet for more information.


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Stephanie Doute, CAE
Executive Director, LWVC