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Our convention attendees honored the people who inspire them on the Sunshine Wall. Click to view the full-size image!
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Public Statement
Hundreds of delegates representing local Leagues of Women Voters throughout the state will gather in San Diego for their Biennial Convention themed...

In November of 2014, Californians voted to pass Proposition 47 - a measure that reclassified some nonviolent felony crimes to misdemeanors.  


To help implement the voter guide recommendations from the Best Practices...


Joint Oversight Hearing: Senate Committee on Elections and Constitutional Amendments & Assembly Committee on Elections and Redistricting
Senator Ben Allen...

Public Statement
The League of Women Voters of California is pleased that Secretary of State Alex Padilla is looking at new models of voter registration, spurred on...

In the November 2014 election, only 31% of eligible Californians voted and young people and people of color continued to be underrepresented. Although many factors contribute to low voter turnout...


Happy 95th birthday to the League of Women Voters! Celebrate by buying a gift membership...