Climate Change

San Diego Forum Attendees

Learn more about LWV California's and the National League's position and research on this issue.

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Heat records are being broken, glaciers are melting, and the seas are rising. We have reached a point where no matter what we do, we cannot avoid a very different climate future. We must act now to prevent truly catastrophic consequences. But what can we do? The most powerful action is our knowledgeable vote.



Leagues Are Serious About Climate Change

Members of the League of Women Voters are gathering in a series of forums across California to unite for local and state action on climate change. The forums are hosted by the LWVC Climate Change Task Force. At this point 59 of California’s 62 Leagues are acting at some level to fight climate change.

LWVC held a SoCal Forum for LWV members in the Los Angeles Basin area June 22, a NorCal Forum in Sacramento September 14, and San Diego Forum on November 9, 2019. The Central Coast Forum scheduled for March has been postponed. Stay tuned.

Leagues Across the U.S. Declare Climate Emergency

Our California LWV passed a resolution unanimously at our June, 2019 Convention to declare a climate emergency. Similar Climate Emergency Declarations also passed at state League Conventions in Oregon, Florida, Massachusetts, Illinois, and Colorado. It's time for all hands on deck!

LWVC Declaration: "We as delegates of California local Leagues assembled at the 2019 LWVC Convention call upon the LWVC Board, Action Committee and local Leagues to advocate for ‘Climate Emergency Declarations’ and urgent relevant action by state, county, and local governments."

League Climate Action Across California

More than half of our 62 local Leagues are already active or beginning action on climate change.

  • Leagues in municipal areas are working on "smart growth" including education, participation and advocacy in municipal climate action plans, green infrastructure, energy efficiency and sustainability, Community Choice Aggregation, a move away from natural gas to all-electric in buildings, and transportation.
  • Leagues in more rural areas are working on carbon conservation and drawdown using natural systems, building healthy soils, and protecting our forests
  • Coastal communities are working on sea-level rise, including impacts and the need for new zoning restrictions.
  • Climate change education is happening across the state, with Leagues hosting climate events, partnering with others, holding workshops and forums, speaking out at government meetings, and a host of other education opportunities.

If you want to be part of any of these efforts email climatechange [at] and we'll help you share resources and/or participate.

California Climate Change Task Force

The LWVC Climate Change Task Force is a group of over 200 League members across California who are working on climate action. As a member of the Task Force you can take climate action at the level that works for you, even if your local League does not have climate change as a priority. The Task Force steering team sends periodic notifications on climate change issues, events, and actions. We share our work to make the whole much better than the parts. Join our effort. Contact us at climatechange [at]