Key Issues


What Are The League's Key Issues In California?

The Issues for Education and Advocacy adopted by Convention 2015 delegates for 2015-2017 are:

Public Higher Education Study: This three-year study was adopted at Convention 2013. The study committee is working on the materials for Leagues and members, and you're invited to join a Yahoo Group that has been created for discussion.

We also note that the LWVUS top-priority Legislative Priorities for 2015 are Money in Politics and the many facets of Voting Rights and Election Administration. The second-tier priorities are Climate and Environmental Protection, Immigration, and Health Care (including Reproductive Choice).

Why Are These The League's Key Issues in California?

In League, Program means the issues that we choose for concerted study, education and action at local, state and national levels. Program can include both education and action.

The Program Planning process is part of what makes the League a grassroots organization; each League member has the opportunity to influence the selection of issues where the local, state, and national League will focus time, talent and money.

Every two years, members of California Leagues engage in Program Planning for the state League. Based on the results of this, the LWVC Board of Directors makes recommendations to the biennial convention delegates about the program to be adopted for the coming two year period.

Key Issues

To promote a better understanding of California’s water issues and complexities, the League of Women Voters is presenting background on California’s water resources, the demands on these resources, and the state’s current approach to water management.
Voters are likely to be faced with more large water bonds in future elections. Yet making informed decisions on these investments in managing California’s water resources are difficult given unclear answers to key questions such as:
• How should limited and unpredictable supplies be allocated among competing demands?
• Who is responsible and accountable for managing water supplies and quality?
• How much will it cost to ensure safe and reliable supplies for the public and environment?
• Who should pay?

Heat records are being broken, glaciers are melting, and the seas are rising. We have reached a point where no matter what we do; we cannot avoid a very different climate future.

And the choices are quickly becoming limited. We must act now to prevent truly catastrophic consequences. But what can we do? The most powerful action is our knowledgeable vote.

Millions of campaign $$$$$ are flowing everywhere in our elections. Tracking the money path can be challenging because the information is patchy and found in different places. The League of Women Voters can help you find out who is funding political campaigns and how much money is being spent.

The League supports measures that protect every citizen's right to vote and ensure the government's responsibility to protect this right. As a core issue for the League, this is always a priority issue for action.