Legislative Priorities


California Legislative Priorities 2019

Making Democracy Work

  • Voting rights
  • Voter protection and service
  • Election reform
  • Money in politics
  • Redistricting
  • 2020 Census

Climate Change

Housing / Homelessness

  • Housing supply – availability and affordability
  • Homelessness

Other Legislative Issues, As Time and Resources Permit

  • Support requests from local Leagues and inter-League organizations (ILOs) for advocacy on bills of specific interest to their jurisdictions
  • Take action as appropriate on other core issues: Redistricting, Initiative and Referendum Process, and Reproductive Choices
  • Consider Program Director recommendations for action on the highest priority bills in their program areas.

Approved by the LWVC Board, April 10, 2019

What Are Legislative Priorities?

Legislative priorities are set each year by the board, based on recommendations from the Legislation Committee. The priorities apply only to the advocacy work we do in the legislature. The issues for education and advocacy -- the priorities set every two years at the convention -- inform our legislative priorities. However, they are broader, in that they include issues on which we are committing to work more broadly -- community education, member education, advocacy that may be broader than just the legislature.

In addition, the legislative priorities take into account our reading of what we think are going to be "hot" issues in the legislature in a given year.

The board considered many issues and the responses from League members suggesting Legislative Priorities. The League has many positions from which to take action, but establishing a focus for our national advocacy is a critical responsibility of the LWVUS board. In setting priorities, the board considers a number of factors, the most important of which is focusing League effort where it can have the greatest impact.