LWV rally/protest in Colorado (2022)

Women of Action. Women of Strength.

Profiling Exemplary Leaguers during Women’s History Month

Dr. Ninochka McTaggart

Dr. Ninochka McTaggart is a sociologist who specializes in researching race, gender, and other forms of inequality in society. Currently, she serves on the LWVC Board, and DEI Committees for the LWVC and the LWVUS. Her work is guided by her strong commitment to advocating for the equitable treatment of all marginalized groups.

Alison Goh

Alison is President of the League of Women Voters of San Francisco. Prior to her role as president, she served as vice president of Voter Services and as Pros & Cons Guide chair. Alison is passionate about voter education, voting rights, and women’s representation in elected offices. 

Headshot of Board Member Caroline de Llamas

Syeda Yasrub Inamdar

Syeda joined the Fremont, Newark, Union City League in the 1990s to learn how to participate in civic life. Now, as a well known community activist, she leads others to make a difference in democracy through participation.

Connie Guerrero

Connie stands out as a dynamic force within her community, driven by an unwavering passion for Community Engagement, Education, and fostering Latino Representation and Leadership. At the helm of the League of Women Voters South San Mateo County Chapter, she has spearheaded impactful voter registration and education initiatives, demonstrating her commitment to enhancing civic participation and ensuring that every voice is heard.

Headshot of Maxine Anderson

Maxine Anderson

Maxine is a former member of the LWVC Board of Directors. She currently serves on the LWVC Criminal Justice Interest Group. Maxine discovered the League of Women Voters of San Francisco after working on a presidential campaign where she was recruited to conduct voter service activities.

Headshot of Syeda Inamandar

Debbie Fagen

Debbie joined the League in January 2017 through the League of Women Voters Pasadena Area. She championed her chapter’s efforts for the Schools and Communities First campaign, gathering signatures to help qualify the measure for the November 2020 ballot, and has been influential in elevating the LWVPA’s presence at political rallies and marches.

Darlene Evans

Darlene formally joined the League about 10 years ago, but feels she has always been a Leaguer. She serves on the state DE&I committee and is an inspirational community leader.