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Help us make history and reclaim over $11 billion for schools and local communities

Support apportionment of congressional districts and elected legislative bodies at all levels of government based substantially on population.

Reduce the risk of war through support of arms control measures.

California’s budget is the next most critical document for our governance, second only to the State’s constitution. The budget is a comprehensive document as it is the financial plan for the State and impacts its operations. Since it is such a critical document, it is important for Californians to have at least a broad working knowledge of the budget as well as the process for drafting, enacting and implementing it.

The LWVC has a position supporting an orderly and simplified State Constitution. While not currently a priority for action, this position is used in conjunction with other positions when the League acts on both legislation and ballot measures.

The California State Assembly members are limited to three terms ( 6 years) since 1996. The State Senate members are limited to two terms (8 years) since 1998. These term limits are lifetime, not consecutive. The Governor can serve two terms of four years, with a limit of two terms. This constitutional limitation was passed in November 1990.

Millions of campaign $$$$$ are flowing everywhere in our elections.

Protect the citizen’s right to know and facilitate citizen participation in government decision-making.

Support responsive legislative processes characterized by accountability, representativeness, decision making capability and effective performance.

Secure for the citizens of the District of Columbia the rights of self-government and full voting representation in both houses of Congress.

The LWV California has been active in supporting new variations in elections systems, including Instant Runoff Voting, also known as Ranked Choice Voting. When we have members willing to actively follow the issue, we are more able to have the League voice heard on the issue.

Tax Policy. Support adequate and flexible funding of
federal government programs through an equitable tax
system that is progressive overall and that relies primarily
on a broad-based income tax.

Federal Deficit. Promote responsible deficit policies.

Funding of Entitlements. Support a federal role in
providing mandatory, universal, old-age, survivors,
disability and health insurance.

Voter frustration with California government abounds. What will improve the performance of California government?

Oppose major threats to basic constitutional rights.

The LWVC just completed an update study of the initiative and referendum process in California. As a result of the study, the League adopted an updated position.

The LWVC supports an efficient, effective and equitable balance of responsibility and authority among the levels of government, with accountability to the public.

The LWVC supports measures that enable the judicial system of California to provide adequate access to legal services to all who need them. While not a current priority for action, when we have members who monitor the issue, the League voice can be heard.

Work to limit reliance on military force. Examine defense spending in the context of total national needs.

money in politics image of dollar bill at the capitol showing corruption

Millions of campaign dollars are flowing everywhere in our elections. Make sure you follow the money using the Voter's Edge California site during elections.

Open government is a basic principle for the League. We believe that democratic government depends upon informed and active participation in government. For people to be both informed and to participate in a meaningful way, the government must protect the citizen’s right to know. This includes giving adequate notice of proposed actions, holding open meetings and making public records accessible.

Ensure transparency, accountability, positive community impact and preservation of the common good when considering the transfer of governmental services, assets and/or functions to the private sector.

The LWVC supports a public library system as a basic community service that should have stable, long-term and adequate funding. While not a current priority for action, when we have members who monitor the issue, the League voice can be heard.


Redistricting is a priority issue for education and advocacy.

Promote the election of the President and Vice-President by direct-popular-vote. Support uniform national voting qualifications and procedures for presidential elections. Support efforts to provide voters with sufficient information about candidates.

Local governments – cities, special districts and counties – are the entities closest to the people. They all have locally-elected governing boards and provide most of the direct services to citizens. In 1910, the Separation of Sources Act gave specific authority to local governments and the state to collect taxes,set rates and obligations. Today, they have very little control over their financial resources.
Read more about the relationship between state and local finances.

We believe California’s budget should invest in services and infrastructure for the future. We oppose arbitrary across-the-board budget cuts and believe that all options, including revenue increases, must be on the table in budget negotiations. The Governor and the Legislature have an obligation to protect California's people and our future.

Promote a dynamic balance of power between the executive and legislative branches within the framework set by the Constitution.

The U.S. Constitution mandates a census of the population every ten years. The census is vitally important for many reasons but the constitutional purpose is to obtain an accurate count of the population so that district lines can be drawn for Congress and the state legislature.

Support U.S. trade policies that reduce trade barriers, expand international trade and advance the achievement of humanitarian, environmental and social goals.

Promote U.S. policies that meet long-term social and economic needs of developing countries.

Support a strong, effective United Nations to promote international peace and security and to address the social, economic and humanitarian needs of all people.

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The League supports measures that protect every citizen's right to vote and ensure the government's responsibility to protect this right. As a core issue for the League, this is always a priority issue for action.

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