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The League has a long history of supporting quality, affordable and accessible childcare. While not a current priority for action, when we have members willing to follow the issue, the League voice can be heard.

LWVC is committed to the principles that all children are entitled to safe, nurturing care and that caring for children is a societal as well as a family responsibility.

Well-being of all children

The LWVC supports a strong statewide system of community colleges in order to provide all Californians access to a quality higher education. While not a current priority for action, when we have members willing to follow the issue, the League voice can be heard.

The role of the criminal justice system is to prevent crime and promote public safety. Current research indicates successful systems focus on rehabilitation and support to prevent recidivism. However, some communities experience excessive force and surveillance by the police; other individuals waste away in prisons serving sentences far out of proportion to their offenses. 

The League of Women Voters support abolition of the death penalty throughout the United States.

The LWVC has positions supporting Pre-K through 12 education, as well as Community College and Higher education. We work actively to educate ourselves and the community about innovations in education as well as financing for education.

Equal Rights. Support ratification of the Equal Rights
Amendment and efforts to bring laws into compliance
with the goals of the ERA.

Education, Employment and Housing. Support equal
access to education, employment and housing.

Support federal policies that provide an equitable, quality public education for all children pre-K through grade 12.

The League of Women Voters works nationally and at the state and local level for regulation of guns. The proliferation of handguns and semi-automatic assault weapons is a major health and safety threat to all of us, both in California and nationally.

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We are dedicated to ensuring access to affordable, quality health care for all Californians. We believe that all Americans should have access to a basic level of care, including birth control and abortion coverage.

The League of Women Voters of California supports a comprehensive system of public higher education that serves the personal, professional, and occupational goals of all adult Californians and advances the social, economic, and civic needs of the state. To achieve these objectives, public higher education must prioritize access, affordability, equity, and excellence. These priorities require state funding, including student financial aid, that is stable, predictable, sustainable, and timely.

Housing and homelessness in California, League of Women Voters

The League supports equal opportunity in housing. Everyone deserves a safe place to live.

The LWV advocates for immigration reform based on study aimed at helping communities understand the implications of immigration at the local, state, and federal level.

The LWVC supports a juvenile justice/dependency system that works to prevent child abuse and neglect and juvenile delinquency -- and much more. While not a current priority for action, when we have members who monitor the issue, the League voice can be heard.

The League of Women Voters supports equal rights for all under state and federal law. The League supports legislation to equalize the legal rights, obligations, and benefits available to same-gender couples with those available to heterosexual couples.

The League of Women Voters supports programs and policies to prevent or reduce poverty and to promote self-sufficiency for individuals and

Mental health services in California: How much do we provide? How do we get services to the people who need them? How do we determine what is needed? What is appropriate in what circumstances? While not a priority for action at this time, when we have members who follow the issue, the League voice can be heard.

The League of Women Voters supports the constitutional right of privacy of the individual to make reproductive choices.

The LWVUS believes alternatives to imprisonment should be explored and utilized, taking into consideration the circumstances and nature of the crime. The LWVUS opposes mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenses.

Promote the economic health of cities and improve the quality of urban life.

Support violence prevention programs in communities.

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