What Is a Position?


The League of Women Voters of California takes action on an issue only when we have a position addressing that particular issue. If the members have not studied and come to consensus on an issue, the League has no position and therefore does not have a stand on that issue.

Our LWVC positions are divided into three areas:

  • Government
  • Natural Resources
  • Social Policy

At the national level, we also have stands on International Relations. Learn more about League work on national issues here.

We have also adopted LWVC action policies after extensive review of existing state and national positions in recognition of the interdependence among public policy issues. The review identifies common themes and examines potential competition among the goals of the positions to formulate an integrated approach.

  • Children and Family Issues
  • Climate Change
  • Growth Management
  • Offshore Oil/Gas Exploration, Development, and Production
  • Sustainable Communities
  • Waste-to-Energy Plants: Assessment Guidelines
  • Water Privatization Checklist
    • Does the proposal benefit the environment?
    • Does the proposal require coordination of water and land use planning without encouraging growth?
    • Does the proposal protect the natural environment in areas of water origin and water use?
    • Does the proposal avoid policies which build up demand and establish rigid patterns of use?
    • Does the proposal provide for coordination of groundwater and surface water?
    • Does the proposal provide for assessment of economic, social and environmental costs and benefits of the water project?
    • Does the proposal have documents that present clear, concise information, readily available to the public?
    • Does the proposal ensure high water quality standards for end users?
    • Does the proposal have a water conservation component as part of its plan?
    • Does the proposal take into account the carrying capacity of the appropriate basin?
    • Does the proposal protect low or fixed income water users by lifeline rates?
    • Does the proposal allow government to exercise a stewardship function?
    • Does the proposal allow participation by all relevant levels of government?

We have California-specific resources on the following topics:

  • Health Care - Please note that our efforts to reform health care in California have been based upon national positions since the 1990s.
  • Climate Change